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Chipolo is a gadget, perfect for anyone who wants to live a better life without always looking for their wallet, keys or any other thing. It is a revolutionary way to find your things. Simply attach this beautiful Bluetooth device to anything and find it with your smartphone.
RESTUBE is an inflatable backup when you’re in water. Small and light, your RESTUBE is always there. Easily attached around your waist or on a harness and off you go. When necessary pull the trigger, RESTUBE inflates within seconds by the integrated CO2 cartridge and then you will have time by holding the inflated RESTUBE buoy holds your head above water.
Zing Anything brings you a refreshing, unique new way to subtly infuse all natural ingredients into your beverages and cuisine.
Enhance the flavor and health benefits of water by using our Aqua Zinger or Citrus Zinger with oranges, strawberries, kiwi, lemon and lime, cucumber, mint, and more.
Terra Nation, beach shadder was created to make summers and the beach so much enjoyable by offering complete solutions and products that are durable, smart, aesthetically pleasing and technologically innovative.
A floating, waterproof, wireless speaker

RestOn is Sleepace’s flagship product. A whole new kind of sleep monitor – it is a device that stays on your bed.

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